Sunday, June 16, 2013


Adorable comic strip asks, “What if climate change were just some douchebag living in your house?” | Grist
Rosemary Mosco’s comics prove that she cares about nature, though they’re not always scrupulously scientifically accurate (I am particularly fond of “Parts of the Bird”). In “Climate Change Dude,” Mosco asks (with correct subjunctive tense, no less! Always appreciated) what it would look like if climate change were just some douch-bearded jerkbutt surfing on your couch. Answer: We would never stand for it!
Twitter / Balinteractive: CET - normal British weather, ...
CET - normal British weather, BUT decline of max 5 yr ave summer temp of 16.1 (1998) to 13.9 (1690's) will be DISASTROUS in today's world.
Trees may be keeping you alive | Grist
We just happen to realize that humans will be better off if we can look after other creatures too — especially trees, which make us richer and smarter and, it turns out, may make us live longer too.
Flashback: Arctic Going Green from Warming : Discovery News
Large swaths of the Arctic tundra will be warm enough to support lush vegetation and trees by 2050, suggests a new study.

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