Sunday, June 16, 2013

Istanbul update: Day 3 of Al Gore Climate Hoax training begins with a third of its participants after a night of chaos

Twitter / BrandSeers: Day 3 of @ClimateReality begun ...
Day 3 of @ClimateReality begun with a third of its participants because of last nights events #crinist
Police Storm Park in Istanbul, Setting Off a Night of Chaos -
ISTANBUL — After 18 days of antigovernment demonstrations that presented a broad rebuke to the country’s leadership, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the riot police to storm the center of the protest movement in Gezi Park on Saturday evening, setting off a night of chaos in downtown Istanbul ...As protesters fled the tear gas and water cannons, the police pursued them, in one case into a luxury hotel near the park where medics tended to people injured in the raid. Within hours, thousands of people began streaming downtown to protest the crackdown, setting bonfires on the city’s main boulevard as tear gas wafted through streets normally bustling on a Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Why are people in the climate movement protesting in Turkey? Is Turkey's government funded by fossil fuel companies?

Anonymous said...

Climate Hoax training - and I did not hear one single word by AL GORE on whats going on in Istanbul. Him having been in the convention center, next to Gezi park. Even if you don't care about lawyers being arrested in court for trying to defend arrested demonstrators, doctors for helping wounded, and people fighting for their rights being tear gased and beaten- on the same time a government not obeying court orders and trying to demolish trees: you should say a word about the trees then. At least. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

Bob Campbell said...

The Gore effect is growing.

It's a wonder Turkey let him in.