Friday, June 21, 2013


May 2013 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) Temperature Anomaly Update | Watts Up With That?
Initial Notes: This post contains graphs of running trends in global surface temperature anomalies for periods of 12+ and 16 years. They indicate that we have not seen a warming hiatus this long since the 1970s.
Meteorologist Joe Bastardi blasts Rolling Stone over global warming article - Boston environmental policy |
As of this time, more people agree with his comments than don't, and comments are running roughly 10 to 1 against the Rolling Stone's ridiculous AGW alarmist article.
HADCRUT4 – The Greatest 30 Year Temperature Rises | sunshine hours
In a previous post I noted the largest one month rise for HADCRUT4 was in 1862/1863. AGW cult members are always talking about climate being 30 years.

So lets look at the greatest temperature rise in HADCRUT4 where the period is anywhere from 1 month to 360 months (30 years).

The winner at 1.296C was Jan 1864 to Feb 1878
Arctic Summers Much Colder Than The 1950s | Real Science
1959 reached freezing about three weeks earlier than 2013
Shock News : The North Pole Melted In 1962 | Real Science
Today – frozen solid

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