Friday, June 21, 2013


Details Revealed of Fisker's Waste and Mismanagement | National Legal and Policy Center
...the biggest dollars were squandered simply because of inexperienced, incompetent leadership, as Reuters’s report detailed. It should be read in its entirety.

If Fisker had been left to its own devices with only its stockholders to answer to, only they should be the ones who care. But because the Obama administration and the Energy Department led by former Secretary Steven Chu made themselves investment strategists with taxpayer money, they deserve far greater public scorn than Fisker. Bets on private companies of any stripe are not proper stewardship of the public dollar.
India's "Climate-Change Refugees" Flee Rising Monsoon Flooding
The surface area of the largest river-island in the world, Majuli, on the Brahmaputra, has lost half its size to erosion since 1950
List of deadliest floods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[Check the dates: Why so many deadly floods before the CO2 signal allegedly emerged in the 1980s?]
The Fallacy of Trapped Heat | Musings from the Chiefio
The heat is not trapped. It is not subject to ‘runaway feedback’. It leaves, rapidly, and the daily and seasonal variations that we see track the changes in solar input very rapidly, indicating just how fast that heat leaves. The peak summer heat comes about 1 month after the peak summer sun. There’s a bit of heat stored in warming soils and waters. About 30 days worth. (That’s the lag time of the storage). By dead of winter, it’s all gone again. Raise summer heat by 10%, you bought yourself about one day of cooling needed to dump that excess. At most you can slow the worst cold of winter by a couple of days.

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