Friday, June 21, 2013


Bjørn Lomborg - Gore is sad science can't tie tornadoes to global warming
Yet, Gore is really only interested in saying climate change is making tornadoes stronger, and apparently he is annoyed that science won't let him do that.

As Congress' paper, The Hill points out: "Gore said there’s a political interest in determining climate change causes extreme weather."

I understand that it would be politically expedient to be able to link tornadoes and climate, but surely it is more important for politics to get the link right? And as of now, there seems to be fewer, not more, strong tornadoes.
CHARTS: Republicans and Democrats Treat Fracking Like It's Global Warming | Mother Jones
[English major (and former AGU director) Chris Mooney] ...we find that fracking shows a smart idiot effect that looks comparable to the one seen on global warming...To be sure, fracking and global warming are different in one key respect: On fracking, the science is murkier and more contested
Principles Of Democracy – Good Advice For German Public Media, Leading Dailies, Activist Blogs
A reader, currently in Dallas, and was compelled to photograph the headquarters of the Dallas Morning News. He sent me the following photo, where I’ve highlighted part of the text [Acknowledge the right of the people to get from the newspaper both sides of every important question] which I think would be good advice for certain media outlets here in Germany when reporting on global warming, and anywhere for that matter.
Menon et al Publish Latest Crystal Ball Forecast For Indian Monsoons, Claiming It Is A “Robust Indicator”
The above monsoon variability claim is an assumption based WAGs (wild ass guesses) built into models. It’s pure speculation, and has no better quality than the global temperature models presented above.

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