Friday, June 28, 2013


Paying The True Cost Of CO2 Emissions | Real Science
Climate experts say that CO2 is the cause of all weather events.

Tornadoes have been at a record low for the last two years, and US hurricanes are close to a record low. This has greatly reduced disaster costs.

Given the huge savings in disaster costs due to CO2 generation, it is only fair that the government pays dividends to all CO2 polluters.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Roundup on President of the Flat Earth Society Mr. Barack Obama

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Doldrums in U.S. electric car sales could linger indefinitely; sales are a scant 0.5%
DETROIT (Reuters) - A 'green' showroom, free charging stations and several acres of solar panels are all part of the pitch by Galpin Ford dealership to environmentally minded car buyers in southern California.

So how many plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles has the Los Angeles dealership actually sold?

"Very, very few," said Beau Boeckmann, whose family owns Galpin Ford, the automaker's largest U.S. dealership. Only 2 percent of the vehicles Galpin sold last month were plug-ins.
German Media Reaction To Obama’s Plan: “Hollow Words…Bruising And Potentially Costly Political Battle”
In general, the media in Germany overwhelmingly welcome Obama’s plan to tackle CO2 emissions. But for many, Obama’s plan does not go far enough, or is just a front for something more sinister, like fracking. Others are skeptical whether action will actually follow his lofty rhetoric.
Cooling Europe…Germany Preliminary June Mean Temperature Comes In Way Below Model Projections
As for mean temperature for June, it was normal, which means it was way below model projections. Things aren’t supposed to be normal.

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