Friday, June 28, 2013


Krugman pushes ‘broken window fallacy’ for climate; Forcing utilities to produce more expensive electricity ‘is exactly what our economy needs’ |
Forcing utilities to produce more expensive electricity without any other benefit is simply foolish.
Policy Implications of Climate Models on the Verge of Failure | Watts Up With That?
It is impossible to present reliable future projections from a collection of climate models which generally cannot simulate observed change. As a consequence, we
recommend that unless/until the collection of climate models can be demonstrated to accurately capture observed characteristics of known climate changes, policymakers should avoid basing any decisions upon projections made from them. Further, those policies which have already be established using projections from these climate models should be revisited.
Understanding The Interaction Between Taxes And Climate | Real Science
Take LSD
It all becomes clear
The old new Rudd: tinkering with useless schemes while ignoring the coal reality « JoNova
The bottom line: any carbon scheme is useless, unpopular, vote-killing attempt to stop storms
Articles: Obama Saves the World
Killing the engine of the nation's prosperity in pursuit of some monomaniacal dream of a green world and a legacy as the savior of humanity is foolish, if not insane.

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