Thursday, June 27, 2013


Know your enemy : the alarmist scientist. | Pointman's
Lots of people were making impassioned speeches but it’s who is actually making money out of the whole situation which is always the important pea to keep your eye on. Governments raised more money by imposing green taxes, the environmental organisations filled their coffers with public grants to save various things, financial dealers made billions trading carbon instruments, thousands of people found employment as carbon emission regulators and climate science was the beneficiary of an avalanche of research funding. Everyone else was a loser. The rich got richer and as usual, the ordinary person and the poor got screwed.
Hansen : Hiding That Ugly US Cooling Trend Since 1920 | Real Science
Way back in 1998 people just didn’t know how to measure temperatures properly, so Hansen recently had to add 0.3C to 1998 temperatures. In the 1930s people were also too dumb to read thermometers, but they had the opposite problem and always read them a few tenths of a degree too high.

Fortunately we have very smart people like James Hansen and Tom Karl who can travel back in time and measure the actual temperatures .
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Obama’s Climate Initiative: A Green Elitist Assault on Ordinary Citizens
By circumventing Congress and unleashing the vast powers of the administrative regulatory state in the name of combating “climate change,” President Obama has – yet again – revealed his determination to subject the American people to the unchecked whims of the federal bureaucracy.
Obama’s “Climate Action Plan” has nothing to do with the climate. Instead, the climate, in all of its complexity, serves as a convenient pretext for the administration — working hand in glove with environmental groups and non-competitive, rent-seeking industries — to seize regulatory control of the production and use of energy so as to further concentrate power in Washington. Obama’s weapons of choice are executive orders and the regulatory power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both of which do not require the approval of elected officials in Congress nor those at the state and local level.

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