Thursday, June 27, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Alaska heat wave follows the longest snow season in recorded history
On April 7, "several" inches of new snow fell on Anchorage, burying the 132.6-inch record that fell in 1954-55. Snow continued to fall until mid-May this year.
Some sections outside the city reported more than 200 inches; the seasonal average is less than 75.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: CNN: Americans and Chinese don't see climate change as a major threat to their societies
Just 40 percent of Americans say global warming poses a major threat to the United States, a virtually identical number to those saying so in China.
Did That Canary Just Flutter Its Wings? |
According to the Danish Meteorological Institute, 2013 is the first year since 1976 when Arctic temperature readings north of 80 degrees latitude sat below the zero-anomaly line, what some would call “normal,” for more than 50 days straight.
UK wildlife and nature hit hard by [cold] weather | Environment | The Guardian
"Human health, tourism and recreation, farming and horticulture, beekeeping, cricket, childhood and especially our wildlife are all now crying out for a long hot summer," said Oates.

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