Thursday, June 27, 2013


Climate Reality | Thank You President Obama
Thank you for advancing your commitment to address carbon pollution. From Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast, to droughts and now flooding in the Midwest, to the massive wildfires ravaging the American West, the reality of climate change has never been more clear. Fueled by carbon pollution, these events are destroying our communities, transforming lives, and costing us billions of dollars each year. We are all paying the incredibly high cost of carbon pollution, while the oil and coal companies causing the pollution are making record profits. This has to change.
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Open invitation: Does anyone ...
Open invitation: Does anyone wish to defend the Obama claim that worse extreme weather is increasing disaster costs?
Flashback: A Handy Bullshit Button on Disasters and Climate Change
With this post I am creating a handy bullshit button on this subject (pictured above). Anytime that you read claims that invoke disasters loss trends as an indication of human-caused climate change, including the currently popular "billion dollar disasters" meme, you can simply call "bullshit" and point to the IPCC SREX report.
Obama's Words on Carbon Dioxide, Drilling Contradict His Actions | National Legal and Policy Center
So what gives with all the carbon capture and storage projects that are accompanied by plans for enhanced oil recovery, which would create far more CO2?
Twitter / allen_info: Every tourist who might be ...
Every tourist who might be enticed into an area by the presence of wind turbines, another 25 will be deterred from visiting that same area.
Twitter / MattLeonardOak: "#CivilDisobedience and ...
"#CivilDisobedience and #DirectAction is the only language those in power understand" - @KumiNaidoo #GlobalPowerShift

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