Thursday, June 27, 2013


New Deniers: Michael Mann, Richard Alley write — “The Earth’s temperature continues to rise” |
Uh… not in a while now… like 17 years or so… despite emission of 500 billion tons of CO2 or so… where’s the warming?
Canary Flies West | Real Science
Last year, the canary in the coal mine was located in Chicago and the corn belt, while much of the west had a cool summer. But this year climate change has forced the canary to migrate to the west.
Consumers Face Higher Energy Bills As Risk Of Blackouts Triple | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
The risk of future blackouts in Britain has tripled in the last year, the energy regulator has warned, with consumers facing higher bills as spare power capacity could fall below 2pc.
Twitchers flocking to see rare bird saw it killed by wind turbine - Telegraph
Scores of twitchers flocked to the Outer Hebrides to see a bird that has been recorded just eight times previously in the UK in nearly 170 years - only to see it slain by a wind turbine.
Twitter / JudeClemente: @Revkin direct flight US to ...
@Revkin direct flight US to India consumes roughly 21,000 gallons of oil (jet fuel). this is as much oil as 200,000 Indians use in 1 day.
NASA Chief Lauds Obama's Climate Change [Hoax] Plan |
President Barack Obama's ambitious new strategy to combat climate change has won big praise from NASA, with the head of the U.S. space agency pledging a steadfast commitment to tracking the health of planet Earth.

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