Thursday, June 20, 2013


Government Propaganda As An IQ Test | Real Science
Despite the fact that the river is nearly flooding and Fort Collins is the greenest anyone can remember, the US Drought Monitor has convinced the local left wing rag that the city is experiencing a drought.
A Kinder, Gentler Low CO2 Climate In 1933 | Real Science
05 Oct 1933 – HOLLYWOOD TRAGEDY Fatal Brush Fire Thirty-five Men Dead
Inconvenient Truths In The Arctic | Real Science
The western edge of the Northwest Passage through the Canadian Archipelago is completely blocked with thick multi-year ice.
And Arctic temperatures remain at record lows for the date.
Mt Baker WA - Up to 25 inches new snow today and tonight - In mid-June
Totals raised from forecast 2 days ago.
The Environmental Benefits of Keystone XL | National Review Online
David Blackmon details in Forbes the many economic and environmental benefits for approving Keystone XL, including keeping the bitumen, processed form Canada’s tar sands, from being refined by the Chinese and their less stringent emission and pollution standards.

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