Thursday, June 20, 2013


4 of 5 Filipinos feel effects of climate change
A new World Bank-commissioned survey showed that four of five Filipinos have personally felt the effects of climate change, be it in the form of hotter summers or heavier rains.
Visit from an Australian Film Crew | NoFrakkingConsensus
The film, titled 50 to 1, argues that attempting to prevent climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to whatever changes eventually transpire.
Nuremberg-trials-for-skeptics guy: ‘Our electricity system kills tons of people’ |
Show us a body, Dave Roberts.

Here’s a notable Twitter exchange between Grist writer Dave “Nuremberg-trials-for-skeptics” Roberts and Illinois Institute of Technology physics professor Jeff Terry. You decide who the “dufus” is.
Twitter / MarkDampier: Decade of wet summers says ...
Decade of wet summers says Met Office,10yrs after telling everyone to plant drought resistant plants, climate change is quick isn't it?
Why Obama’s coming attack on coal is climatically futile |
Even if Obama banned all coal-fired plants today, that action would only avoid this much atmospheric carbon dioxide by 2100…

11 parts per million!
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds majority of temperature trends in China can be explained by natural factors
A new paper published in Theoretical and Applied Climatology examines temperature trends in NW China and concludes, "The majority of the temperature trends, accounting for more than 60% of the trends during 1961–2009, can be explained by natural factors."
Solar boat Türanor becomes a research vessel to study climate change
[Settled science?] "We know very little about what is taking place over the ocean," said Prof Martin Benitson who heads the institute for environmental research at the University of Geneva...Scientists believe slowing of the Gulf Stream under climate change could bring colder conditions to Europe.

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