Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Debunked: Hansen’s manmade ‘loaded climate dice’ | JunkScience.com
James Hansen frets manmade CO2 emissions are “loading the climate dice” — the UK Met Office takes a different, broader view.

From the Met Office’s report on today’s meeting about “unusual” UK weather:
There are a number of possible factors which could be ‘loading the dice’, including declining Arctic sea ice, solar variability, long-term ocean cycles, and other long-term cycles of natural variability.
Fighting global climate change at the local level | Minnesota Public Radio News
"Fighting climate change and improving our environment" are the No. 1 issue facing Minneapolis leadership, says City Council Member Cam Gordon.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds another non-hockey-stick in the Atlantic Ocean
A paper published today in The Holocene finds another non-hockey-stick from reconstructed sea surface temperatures in the NE Atlantic and Nordic Seas over the past millennium. Plot of the data from the paper shows sea surface temperatures were higher during the Medieval Warming Period 1000 years ago than at the end of the record in 1975.

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