Monday, June 24, 2013


In the Sahel, Time Has Already Run Out on Climate Change | UN Dispatch
Temperatures in the Sahel are projected to rise an additional 7 to 10°F by mid-century
Flashback: CO2 Science on the greening of the Sahel
whatever the reason for the greening of the Sahel over the past quarter-century, it is clear that in spite of what the world's climate alarmists claim were concomitant unprecedented increases in the "twin evils" of anthropogenic CO2 emissions and global warming, the Sahel experienced an increase in vegetative prowess that was truly, as Olsson et al. write, "remarkable."
EU calls in Arnold Schwarzenegger to help terminate climate change | World | News | Daily Express
Arnold Schwarzenegger threw his weight behind the President of the European Commission's plans to tackle climate change today.
Microsoft's carbon fee: integrating the environment into everyday business | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
At Microsoft, we have created a carbon fee to do just that. It's a new model designed to bring environmental considerations into everyday business discussions by putting a dollar figure on carbon emissions. When carbon emissions are given a financial framework, it has been our experience at Microsoft that suddenly the door opens to collaboration and brainstorming on how we can work together to reduce our emissions.
Watch as these fourth graders flip the switch to turn their classroom solar | Grist
we do think the Department of Energy should borrow this idea and make it a national phenom — a day when homes, classrooms and communities around the country [pretend to] switch from dirty old fuel sources to renewable ones.

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