Monday, June 24, 2013


Twitter / AndrewRestuccia: Obama's climate speech Tuesday ...
Obama's climate speech Tuesday will be closed to the public, a move that limits the likelihood of anti-Keystone hecklers
Twitter / Foxgoose: Desperate #climate loons explain ...
Desperate loons explain Global Warming didn't mean it was going to get warmer- where did we get that idea?
New Zealand Ski Season Sees Record Snowfall! - World Snowboard Guide
New Zealand's ski season kicked into gear this weekend with huge snowfalls that have led to the best conditions in living memory!
Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Climate Change Scientists Kick The Fear Mongering Into Overdrive, Claim Global Warming Like “Four Hiroshima Bombs Every Second”
Remember, tomorrow Barack Obama is giving a super cereal speech on Global Warming in which he is going to announce his newest plan to totally destroy the American Economy as a sacrifice to the angry Pagan Gods of the Leftist Imagination.

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