Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Want fewer hurricanes? Pollute the air - environment - 23 June 2013 - New Scientist
Cleaning up our air in the West may have made us healthier, but it could also be behind the rise in north Atlantic tropical storms since the mid-1990s. A new analysis shows that the number of these storms falls when pollution rises, and increases when pollution drops.
A Change Of Plan | Real Science
Climate alarmists spent the past couple of decades telling us that the land heats much more quickly than the ocean.

But now that land temperatures have cooled for the past decade, they tell us that the oceans heat much more quickly than the land.
The Sierra Club’s Violent, Totalitarian Tendencies | NoFrakkingConsensus
Anyone who has anything to do with a “truth squad” is scary. Anyone who equates doing the public’s bidding with “pampering the public” is dangerous.

Anyone who advocates pushing “a bitter pill” down someone else’s throat is precisely the sort of person who commits heinous crimes under totalitarian governments.
Michael Savage Challenges Bernie Sanders To Global Warming Debate - YouTube

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