Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attention, fellow Minnesotans: Warmist Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests that you can prevent CO2-induced bad weather by buying a fleet of green Humvees and sitting all day in your solar-powered Jacuzzi

Arnie: Environmentalists should learn from my eco Hummers | RTCC Climate Change News
Arnold Schwarzenegger has warned against trying to use guilt to win support for climate policies, using the example of his fleet of green Humvees.
“We should not make people guilty about driving big or fast or powerful cars but we should let them know that they can be part of the solution by changing the technology in their cars,” he said.

“For example my Hummers are now biofuel and hydrogen and one of them is being converted to electric right now. We don’t have to make people feel guilty.”

“If you want to sit in your Jacuzzi all day long do it, but have solar panels. We need to make people feel part of the solution and make the environment movement more hip, snappy, modern and sexy,” he added.

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