Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Twitter / RichardTol: In 2010, 25 billion dollar ...
In 2010, 25 billion dollar was spent on climate policy -- by official development agencies alone
Previewing President Obama’s Climate Change Speech | The Foundry
It’s time for those pesky elected officials to get involved and stop the Administration from implementing climate change regulations.
Obama Launches New Global Warming Video as Phony "Consensus" Crumbles
Yes, the phony “consensus” is falling apart. In fact, as we have shown repeatedly (see links below) the claim of “scientific consensus” regarding global warming has been false from the start. Now this fraud is being acknowledged by some of the very news organs and opinionators that have previously propagated the “consensus” line. And we agree, in this case, with The Economist, that this is “a very big deal.” Perhaps someone in the White House brain trust should apprise the president of this development before he channels Al Gore at Georgetown.
Changing the Tone
[Marshall Shepherd] One of the primary goals that I stated as incoming AMS President was to promote an environment in which all viewpoints were welcomed
Hey Marshall: Just some more friendly feedback for ya'--on Blogger, you don't actually have to start a whole new *blog* every time you want to post something.  For example, the last 55,803 times I wanted to post something new, I didn't start an entirely new *blog* each time; I chose to put up 55,803 posts within the same blog.

Your approach doesn't scale well; your list of blogs (here) may soon become pretty large.

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