Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Obama’s Climate Plans Face Yearslong Battle | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
[WSJ] When President Barack Obama lays out plans to tackle climate change in a speech Tuesday, including the first effort to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants, he will unleash a yearslong battle that has little assurance of being resolved during his time in office.
A Requiem for the Renewables Dream | Via Meadia
We’re at a very different place in the renewables debate than we were in 2008, when Obama campaigned on promises of a robust green economy and millions of green jobs that never appeared. Since then, renewables have failed to develop to the point that they can compete on their own merits with fossil fuels, and a global financial crisis has left many countries unwilling to continue propping up green energy.

Even more problematic for greens: we have less confidence in our grasp of climate change now than we did five years ago. Scientists are struggling to explain why global surface temperatures haven’t risen as predicted over the past decade or so...
Obama tries the kitchen-sink approach to global warming
There’s no longer a grand strategy to solve climate change once and for all. And it’s unlikely that Obama will attain any of the sweeping goals he laid out in 2008 — that would require cooperation from Congress. Instead, the White House will try to use whatever executive power it has to chip away at the problem, little by little, in the years ahead.
No-drama Obama unveils series of modest, sensible steps on climate change | Grist
In short, Obama has concluded, rightly I think, that it is of no benefit to him to have a pitched public battle over this stuff, no matter how much greens might want one.

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