Monday, June 24, 2013


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"In the climate debate, when you link quantity of heat to a Hiroshima bomb, you lose the argument"
Busting the myths about climate migration | Carbon Brief
News stories depicting millions of people fleeing rising sea levels and seeking refuge in developed countries are very unlikely to become reality.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Kerry tells Indians - who celebrate the discovery of 133 new species - that "the science of climate change is screaming at us for action"
Secretary of State John Kerry, on a visit to India, has praised his old pal "Patch" - and his own over 20 years of climate alarmism:
"For years, as Patch, as we call him fondly, Dr. Pachauri knows, I have been working on this in the United States, with others, where for over 20 years we all know we haven’t been able to do all that we want to do, for a number of different reasons."
1886 : Three Hurricanes In June | Real Science
The US has not seen a June hurricane in 27 years, but in 1886 the US was hit by three of them. In a two week period in June 1886, the US had as many hurricane strikes as during Obama’s entire 4-1/2 years.
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4 Hiroshima/second = 300,000 deaths/second = 7.5 hours to extinction of human race
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20 years of action, and the winner is… coal!
Followed by natural gas, then oil.

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