Monday, June 24, 2013

Shock: Kerry goes to India; blames tornadoes on CO2; claims to be frightened by 400 ppm CO2; suggests CO2 might cut Indian wheat yields in half; says the "new energy market" is a "hundred thousand times more important" than the computer revolution

Remarks on the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership
I was just able to meet with my friend, Dr. Pachauri, Nobel Laureate, and we thank him for his extraordinary work.
Perhaps in some ways, it struck me reading the reports, that perhaps Mother Nature, in her own way, is telling us to heed some warnings, yet again. If you look at the United States, we see massive floods and fires and tornadoes. It’s a different time, and we’ll talk a little bit about that later.
Just last month, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere passed a significant and frightening threshold, 400 parts of greenhouse gases per million, a level that has never before been experienced by man in terms of carbon. We are the first human beings ever to live in these conditions.
...India helps feed the world, producing much of its wheat. But extreme heat could actually cut in half yields of the most productive areas, wreaking havoc on global food prices.
...The new energy market can be the biggest market ever seen on earth. It’s a $6 trillion market with 4 billion users. And its fastest growing segment by far is clean energy. Compare that, for a moment. In the 1990s, when a lot of people grew a lot of wealth, that came from a $1 trillion market with only 1 billion users, and that was the high-tech computer revolution. This market is six times bigger and hundred thousand times more important.
RBA: Bulletin June Quarter 2011-Economic Development and Agriculture in India
Wheat yields have tripled over the past 50 years and rice yields have doubled

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