Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Unusual, Cold Weather Causing Slow Sales For Retailers In France – Summer Frost Coming To Germany
Some weather agencies have been trying for months to convince the public that the recent cool temperatures are actually normal and that the coolness is just in our heads. However, consumer behavior is telling us something completely different: It really is cool outside.
Antarctic sea ice more than 1.3 million Km above average
We’ve just had the 4th greatest anomaly of the Antarctic sea ice, with more than 1.3 million Km^2 above average,” says reader F. Guimaraes.
Sierra Club likes Obama’s ‘direct confrontation with fossil fuel industry’ |
“The president realizes that you can’t combat climate change without a direct confrontation with the fossil fuel industry,” Brune said in an interview.
No Time To Debate | Real Science
Five years into his presidency, and less than a year after his second election, Obama suddenly has “no time to debate” global warming. It is just too urgent.

He had plenty of time to debate destruction of the coal industry during the election cycle, but chose instead to pretend that he was a big supporter of coal production.
Video: On-fire Manchin flames Obama on climate speech |
Manchin calls Obama a flat-earther and much more.
Weak solar cycle 25 means keep your Long Johns
If the notion of global warming has gotten you all hot and bothered, here’s something to really worry about. What if just the opposite is occurring and global temperatures not only continue to remain flat, but get much colder for a very long time? In fact, that’s exactly what some highly credentialed and well-informed scientists are predicting.

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