Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Carbon Credit Scammers Closed For The Third Time - iExpats
Scammers cashing in on a carbon credit con have had their business closed down by The Insolvency Service.
Up in smoke: Carbon credit trade past its sell-by date? - The Times of India
NEW DELHI: Carbon prices in international markets are at their lowest in a decade. Projects, especially in India and China, two major suppliers of carbon credits, are writing off expected revenues. Carbon trade, touted as the emission trading scheme that'd cheaply reduce emissions bringing green technologies within the financial reach of poorer countries, is at a near-collapse.

Worse, the logic of carbon-credit trading — that it's a cheap way emission reduction — is under scrutiny. Many claim it has resulted in private players gaining funds, doing little.
Tesla Motors (TSLA): ZEV Carbon Credits, Subsidies and the Fake Economy : Small Stock Gems
Finally, investors should note that according to, Tesla Motors has short interest of 31.08% or half the level of the most shorted stock on Nasdaq. No doubt many of the shorts have been caught in a short-squeeze recently, helping to further drive up TSLA’s share price, while the mere presence of so many short sellers means volatility for investors who think the company is a good growth stock rather than a speculative bet at best. In other words, the best advice for any would-be investors thinking of buying into the fake economy being built around Tesla Motors or for that matter, shorts thinking of shorting the stock, is to just stay away until it becomes clear the company can prove it can deliver a bottom line without the help of direct or indirect subsidies or ZEV credits.
Apple CEO Tim Cook Contradicts Himself with Lisa Jackson Hire | National Legal and Policy Center
“You look for people that are not political, people that are not bureaucrats…,” he said. If that’s true than Cook is completely blind to, or has ignored, the essence of Lisa Jackson.

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