Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Climate Commission’s latest report slammed as ‘environmental activism’ « Australian Climate Madness
Monday’s “Critical Decade” report, which claimed that there is a one-in-two chance that there will be no humans left on the planet by 2100, has been rightly exposed as extremist environmental propaganda
Twitter / suzyji [Warmist Suzanne Goldenberg rediscovers Alaska]

Baked Alaska: Crazy weather swings from ice to fire via

Journalists Explore Climate Complexity : Collide-a-Scape
[Keith Kloor] It is an ungrateful task to interrogate the complexities of climate change [Wait, now there are 'complexities'?] (which extend to the policy side of the equation) so props to Cohn for taking it on.
When it comes to climate change, we have to trust our scientists, because they know lots of big scary words – Telegraph Blogs
[Sean Thomas] When pressed on the particular outlook for the British Isles. Professor Sutton shook his head, moaned eerily unto the heavens, and stuffed his fingers into the entrails of a recently disembowelled chicken, bought fresh from Waitrose in Teignmouth.

Hurling the still-beating heart of the chicken into a shallow copper salver, Professor Sutton inhaled the aroma of burning incense, then told the Telegraph: “The seven towers of Agamemnon tremble. Much is the discord in the latitude of Gemini. When, when cry the sirens of doom and love. Speckly showers on Tuesday.”

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