Monday, June 17, 2013


Study: Spiders scaring grasshoppers could help save the planet from global warming |
“It’s going to force some thinking about the vital roles of animals in regulating carbon.”
Who Dares to Deny Arctic Warming? « Roy Spencer, PhD
I find these observations to be quite compelling evidence that warming of the Arctic is indeed unprecedented. Who would dare deny it? Clearly, we must do something about our carbon dioxide emissions!!

NOTE: Oh, silly me. This book was written in the late 1930′s. Nevermind.
Chinese Academy in Climate Change Uproar - ScienceInsider
A CAS official points out that the decision to translate Climate Change Reconsidered was made by Zhang Zhiqiang, deputy director of the National Science Library, who is not a scientist. In his preface to the translated edition, Zhang stated that the project was undertaken "to help Chinese researchers understand different points, opinions and positions in debates on climate change."
Twitter / shubclimate: Cook's paper="excellent data ...
Cook's paper="excellent data collection, analysis and scholarship" - ERL editor
Twitter / richardabetts: @omnologos If you mean @aubreygci ...
@omnologos If you mean @aubreygci [Aubrey Meyer] I'm quite happy to call him out as a total alarmist and scaremonger @metoffice @TheGWPF @clim8resistance

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