Monday, June 17, 2013


Twitter / Revkin: My #SSF talk shows how you ...
My talk shows how you can argue any stance on with a physics Nobelist by your side:
Twitter / karelh: @ClimateComms Quote: Whether ...
@ClimateComms Quote: Whether climate will change a little more or a lot more depends primarily on our actions.
SkepticTV 028 - Legal Attacks on Climate Science with Michael Mann - YouTube
[2-hour video] On this special broadcast we talked about the legal attacks against scientists and attempts to discredit legitimate climate research. We discussed these subjects, and a few others, with our special guest Dr. Michael Mann.
The data is in: more Green jobs means less real ones « JoNova
Each green job in Britain costs £100,000 (and 3.7 other jobs):

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