Friday, June 28, 2013


Northfield Zen priest to embark on three-month trek fighting climate change - Northfield MN: News
The walkers hope to reach out to the people they meet by providing volunteers and spiritual support. However, reception from communities has been lukewarm.
Climate Change for the GOP | The Weekly Standard
While more carbon in the atmosphere could have some benefits, such as fewer deaths from cold, it’s also likely to pose a variety of severe problems ranging from droughts and floods to the destruction of commercial fishing. Nearly any accounting of these costs indicates they will exceed the benefits.  [Really?  Can I see some data to back up any claim that a 61F world is more "costly" than a 59F world?]
Is it time to prosecute the IPCC for fraud? | Watts Up With That?
[Monckton] The IPCC, having spent almost two months working out how to respond to my complaint about a notoriously bogus graph in its Fourth Assessment Report, has found itself not guilty. In doing so, it is wilfully perpetuating a fraud, which will now be reported to the prosecuting authorities.
1979 : Skylab Failure Caused By NASA Not Understanding How Solar Cycles Warm The Atmosphere | Real Science

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