Friday, June 28, 2013

You know who's allegedly not funded by special interests? Warmist Ed Markey!

The Heroes & Villains Of Climate Change & Their Fictional Alter Egos - Carbonated.TV
Hero: Ed Markey. Alter Ego: Wolverine
...Markey has shunned the traditional power structure of special interests who will fund your next campaign if you cater to them.
Flashback: Energy money favors Ed Markey in Senate race - Alex Guillen -
He has picked up checks from trade group PACs associated with the American Wind Energy Association, the Electric Power Supply Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association.
His environmental backers include Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, Environmental Defense Action Fund, Environment America Voter Action PAC, Friends of the Earth, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund and Ocean Champions.

Energy companies that have contributed to Markey include PACs associated with Calpine Corp., EDF Renewable Energy, GE, Iberdrola Renewables, National Grid, NRG Energy, Terra-Gen Power, Renewable Energy Systems Americas, SolarCity, Suez Energy North America, Xcel Energy, NextEra, Siemens and SunRun.

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