Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arctic row fiasco update: After claiming that they wanted to promote global warming discussion, they put up a post admitting that they were removing "negative" comments, then they deleted that post as well

Twitter / lastfirst2013: Facebook is where all the fun ...
Facebook is where all the fun happens.
Tom Nelson: Arctic row fiasco continues: Three weeks in, ice is still blocking their route and on a trip to promote global warming discussion, they're busily removing global warming-related comments from their Facebook page
Facebook: Hey all, Thanks for all of the interaction on... - Mainstream Last First
The "thanks for all the interaction" page has been removed, along with all of the comments
Sorry, this page isn't available
Leaving family to pursue this expedition – MainStream Last First
I decided to undertake this expedition because by doing it myself and my teammates can make a strong statement in the battle against climate change. Doing it is very important to me. It’s far easier for me to explain this to my girls, that I acted on my passions, than to lament to them that I didn’t act on my passions because of them.

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