Tuesday, July 23, 2013


They Can’t Even Fight Against A Breeze, Much Less Climate Change | Real Science
Always amazing to see the disconnect between lefties and reality.
For the past couple of weeks they have been complaining that they can’t row against a localized wind. But they think they can change the climate.

Odyessus spent decades lost on his boat because of his arrogance, and the gods didn’t let him return to his family until he acknowledged that he was not in control.
July 24, 1936 : Hottest Day In Nebraska History | Real Science
Temperatures in Minden this week are forecast to be 30-40 degrees cooler than they were in 1936. President Barack Obama says that the US is heating out of control.
‘Toilet-to-tap’ water purification coming to San Francisco Bay Area | JunkScience.com
Supposedly the water won’t be used for drinking, but that would seem to involve a fair amount of re-plumbing.
Indoctrination At Schools In Germany Reaches New Level …Children Taught “Men Cause Climate Change”
Here I am not talking about man, as in mankind, but men, i.e. males.

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