Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Current Wisdom: We Calculate, You Decide: A Handy-Dandy Carbon Tax Temperature-Savings Calculator | Cato @ Liberty
If you think that a rise of 2.482°C is vastly preferable to a rise of 2.619°C then all you have to do is set the carbon tax large enough to drive U.S. emissions to zero by mid-century—oh yeah, and sell that tax to the American people.

To explore other alternatives, use our handy-dandy calculator.
Climate Forecasts Shown to Warn of Crop Failures | NASA
For example, if satellite data and climate models forecast a good season for rice before seeds are even planted, farmers or communities could get loans to invest in technologies to take advantage of the good weather, while insurers could keep insurance premiums low. If the forecast calls for a poor growing season, the loans would be smaller and insurance premiums larger.
Residents Call on City of Mobile to Pass Tar Sands Free Resolution | The Locust Fork News-Journal
This is a life or death struggle for our water, for our lives
"The greens" are "finished"? I wouldn't count on it - 23 Jul 2013 - James' Blog: a blog from BusinessGreen.
for all its faults, Montgomerie's article makes one incontestable point: many green policies have failed on their own terms.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: I guess the adage, if you cant ...
I guess the adage, if you cant see em, make it up, was at play in Ms. Cullens testimony. In Alice N Wonderland Weather, anything goes
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Climate Pioneer ( ambulance ...
Climate Pioneer ( ambulance chaser) Heidi Cullen invented new category ( "downpours") that has never been used as a metric for climo
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: @TrentMWeather Have a new ...
@TrentMWeather Have a new metric I am going to pioneer.. Corn plant height.. combination of great summer temps/precip plus more co2

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Anonymous said...

I like that Cato carbon calculator. I hope somebody modifies it so that we can see what a dollar amount per ton of plant and tree food would cost.