Tuesday, July 23, 2013


UN climate change deal "may not be feasible" by 2015
The world’s leading economies have indicated 2015 may be too early for countries to agree on mitigation targets under a UN treaty.
Twitter / ret_ward: New @metoffice paper points ...
New paper points out climate sensitivity <2C requires "unlikely" extreme negative feedback from clouds:
Five of 'big six' energy companies drop green tariffs | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Campaigners fear the move to scrap tariffs for new customers could undermine national drive to tackle climate change
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: I am a tad over 5 foot 9. ...
I am a tad over 5 foot 9. Apparently mother nature is playing a "corny joke" on the doom and gloom crowd. pic.twitter.com/LoXOXKgRZR

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