Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are we all OK with super-wealthy people giving Obama money to persuade him that we need higher energy bills now in an insane attempt to prevent bad weather in 2050?

Wealthy Donors in His Corner as Obama Comes Out Swinging on Climate Change | InsideClimate News
Steyer and Hughes are among the members of an increasingly powerful donor community, many of whom are pushing the president to take action on climate change and to reject the Keystone XL.
Rabe said this donor influence makes sense considering it's anyone's guess what Obama will do after 2016. He might still need their financial support in his next endeavor, so he's more likely to make their biggest concerns a priority.

"Obama is going to be a very young when he is done his second term," Rabe said. "Who knows what he'll do next, but we've never seen a president so engaged in ongoing fundraising. He's continuing to court donors. It doesn't surprise me that their voices seem to have influenced this new agenda."

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