Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Lloyds of London disses global warming as business risk: Ranks climate change 32nd |
In contrast, high taxation is ranked No. 1 (think carbon tax).
Should the politics really be taken out of climate change? | 3S Research Group
When should elected politicians defer to unelected experts?
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: Manbearpig, meet Pigdog. German ...
Manbearpig, meet Pigdog. German leftist Chancellor candidate stockpiles incandescent lightbulbs
The Reference Frame: Bob Carter, John Spooner: Taxing Air
I haven't read the whole book yet but what I have already read is enough to recommend you the book wholeheartedly.
Ants in the past: Journal pulls insect-global warming paper after questions arise over results | Retraction Watch
A group of ecologists in Germany who published a paper on the potential impact of global warming on ants in the Harz Mountains — Germany’s highest range — have retracted the paper after becoming, well, a bit antsy about the validity of their findings.
Twitter / WaxmanClimate: .@SenWhitehouse and I call ...
.@SenWhitehouse and I call on @StateDept to correct mistakes in analysis of #climate impacts of #KXL pipeline #ActOnClimate #NoKXL

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