Thursday, July 18, 2013's live tweets from Senate climate hearing

Steve Milloy (JunkScience) on Twitter
Heidi Cullen blames Yarnell firefighter deaths, Superstorm Sandy on global warming.
Sen. Tom Udall: Proof of global warming -- desert doesn't have any water.
Odd: Sen. Sanders trashes weathermen as not part of 'scientific community' -- but Heidi Cullen is lead-off warmist witness! @BigJoeBastardi
Sen. Deb Fischer: Should we harm our economy w/climate rules when 75% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck -- and China, India do zero?
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Weathermen and women are 'not part of scientific community' @BigJoeBastardi
Sen. Sessions: We need to know what the science is that justifies making poor people pay $50-$100/month more to drive to work.
Sen. Sessions: EPA has refused to provide evidence that temperatures have not flattened. Obama continues to mislead public on temps.
Senate GOP opening statements rock at climate hearing. Senate Dems sound like they're trying to pass an ESL reading test.
Sen. Inhofe: "You couldn't get 35 votes out of liberal Senate for cap-and-trade." Boxer says "Let's not talk about cap-and-trade."
Sen. Inhofe: Cites Richard Lindzen -- "When you control carbon, you control life."
Sen. Inhofe: Alarmists can't talk about climate realities because Obama has scripted them.
Sen. Inhofe: Obama NRC nominee says weather not "extreme" but "normal"
Sen. Inhofe: Obama team scripted warmists w/dos-and-don'ts when talking about climate change. "Don't talk about economics"
Sen. Barrasso: Compliance costs of Obama attack on coal plants is $130 billion -- Obama won't stop at coal, either.
Barrasso: Obama has "pummeled" coal industry with "perverse clean energy agenda"
Sen. Barrasso: Disappointed Obama climate adviser could attend Politico event 8:00am but not 10:00am Senate hearing.
Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin confuses global warming with air pollution -- Maryland is not downwind of CO2 emissions!
Vitter: Interested in talking about what part of climate science is "settled" as all climate models are wrong.
Vitter: Senate climate hearing not called "Global Warming: It's Happening" because there's been no warming in past 15 years.

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