Thursday, July 18, 2013


Twitter / dbiello: should be painted in all pools ...
should be painted in all pools MT : I prefer this version of the swimmable [drowned] city:
Twitter / afneil: @joabbess I find baying mobs ...
@joabbess I find baying mobs of zealots desperate to shut down any debate by intimidation and insults are rarely right. And to be resisted
Is Obama's "Power Africa" Simply Enabling More Climate Change? | D.A. Barber
how that electricity is generated depends on whether "Power Africa" is a green technology leader, or a climate-change enabler.

One signal was President Obama's choice to give a second energy speech in Tanzania during a tour of the diesel-powered Ubungo electric plant recently upgraded by GE and Washington, D.C.-based Symbion Power.
Sens. Boxer, Inhofe jostle in climate change 'theater' - The Hill's E2-Wire
Passing carbon regulations through the Senate would prove difficult, as there's a bloc of centrist Democrats that's more aligned with GOP senators on the matter than with liberals.

“It’s not just me — it’s two-thirds of the United States Senate,” Inhofe said.

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