Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Twitter / RyanMaue: Democrat report translation: ...
Democrat report translation: GOP reps should vote for Obama agenda items to reduce summer temperatures.
Obama’s Climate Action Plan: How it miscalculates the social cost of carbon. - Slate Magazine
[Eric Posner] Obama’s new climate plan is based on a dubious calculation and falls woefully short...The best defense of the Climate Action Plan, then, is that by driving the United States down the path of costly and futile regulation or endless litigation, it may finally prod Congress to get into the game.
Wildfire aerosols not handled well in climate modeling | Watts Up With That?
Wildfires may contribute more to global warming than previously predicted
Twitter / TaxingAir
Ebook of Taxing Air #1 Conservation, Natural Resources seller on Amazon -
USA Today: Climate change's heat intensifies drought in the USA
Another study co-authored by Hoerling and Texas' state climatologist, Texas A&M professor John Nielsen-Gammon, says this warming made the drought slightly worse. The researchers say it didn't affect precipitation but accounted for about 20%, or one degree, of the five-degree jump in temperature above the summer norm.

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