Thursday, July 11, 2013


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@ClimateOfGavin @BadAstronomer [Ludicrous] to attack me for referring to blogs in an article that refers to polemical blogs like skep sci!
Outdoor sportsman speak to awareness for climate change | The Tennessean |
“People don’t understand the correlation to all these ecosystems,” Polk said. “Some people throw out terms like ‘tree hugger.’ If you’re a hunter, you should want to be a tree hugger because destroying the habitat that the creatures thrive in will cause them not to be there. The term was not wordsmithed very well a couple of decades ago. It wasn’t necessarily global warming, it’s global climate change.”

According to Russ Skoglund, a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency biologist, the majority of land species will suffer no ill effects from the warmer temperatures, at least not in Tennessee. But some new creatures have begun to arrive on the scene, bringing various new complications.
“From the experience I have, maybe over 500 years there will be an effect,” Skoglund said. “That’s just part of nature.”
More wisdom from Paul Ehrlich — Michael Mann ‘under attack by morons and crooks’ |
Here’s a tweet from this illustrious member of the National Academy of Sciences:
Ohio paper: Obama climate plan ‘smacks of an imperial presidency’ |
Since when does the U.S. State Department have any authority over environmental quality? Since President Barack Obama decided he, and he alone, has the right to make critical decisions for all Americans, that’s when.

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