Thursday, July 11, 2013


Surprise! Payback From Windparks Far Less Than Promised…Wind Models Exaggerated Projected Wind Indices!
My prediction? In 20 years we should expect to see a landscape blighted by rusty, old, broken-down wind towers. All monuments commemorating a period environmental madness that had emanated from Al Gore’s brain and swept across the world like a global pandemic.
Die Klimazwiebel: The Vital Spark
...only a high-energy planet is morally defensible or politically viable. But at present, only carbon-intensive sources of energy offer a realistic prospect of this, with obvious hazards to the climate [like what, specifically?].
Pricing (Nonmarket) Ecosystem Services: The Dream (Part I) — MasterResource
Pricing nonmarket ecosystem services may be a noble goal. But it is conceptually confused and problematic as a guide to real-world action, civic and certainly governmental.
Articles: China Questions Climate Consensus
[Fred Singer] But there is more involved here than just debate about climate science. Many personal factors enter in, as they do for scientists everywhere. Once part of the IPCC process, a scientist will typically attend many workshops and symposia during the year, usually at exotic locations (Bali, Cancun, Marrakesh), staying in first class resort hotels. There's also the camaraderie of being part of an international scientific effort, making interesting contacts and forming scientific and personal friendships. And then there is a certain prestige attached to international efforts, often reflected in professional advancement, increases in salary, prizes and honors -- not to mention lucrative research grants from compliant government agencies and generous private donors (that often include 'Big Oil'!).

Finally, there's the feeling that the scientific efforts may help to determine important national policies that "save the climate" and advance human welfare.

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