Saturday, July 06, 2013


Our lights will stay on – but it will cost us a fortune - Telegraph
[Booker] In other words, just when we are already facing a doubling of our electricity bills through “carbon taxes”, subsidies to renewables and the “strike price” demanded by energy companies as their price for building new nuclear power stations, we are now looking at another huge spike in our bills to pay for the electricity the Government plans to call on to cover that fast-looming gap in our energy supplies — created by the way its policy has been so disastrously skewed by our politicians’ obsession with global warming, and their fond belief that the earth’s climate could somehow be affected by Britain reducing its “carbon emissions” by four-fifths. The final irony, of course, is that we not only pay for their dreams through a further hike in our energy bills, but also those diesel generators emit almost as much CO2 as the coal-fired power stations the politicians would like to see eliminated. Not only will we be bankrupted by their idiocy. It won’t even help to “save the planet”, either.
New York Times Forecasts 15 Feet Of Sea Level Rise This Century | Real Science
The danger can be clearly seen at Monterey, California where sea level has been flat for the past 30 years.
NASA Forgets About The Greenland Ice Sheet | Real Science
Temperatures peak on the Greenland ice sheet this week, and for some reason NASA forgot to make a press release about how cold it is this summer.

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