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Arizona Summers Getting Cooler Since CO2 Hit 350 PPM | Real Science

Obama channels his inner Al Gore in climate change messaging shift - The Hill's E2-Wire
“Now they are looking to appeal to their activist base and moderate voters during a time of extreme weather and dangerous climate impacts, hence a different message strategy,” [Matthew Nisbet, an associate professor of communication at American University]  said.   [Hey Matthew:  Can you name a time in human history that wasn't "a time of extreme weather and dangerous climate impacts"?] » Blog Archive » Greenland ice sheet ablation area albedo above average, upper elevations below average
A delayed melting at low elevations and probably some summer snowfall blanketing the Greenland ice sheet ablation area with (highly reflective) fresh snow have resulted in an important slow down of Greenland melting.
Mission Outdoors | National Parks Conservation Association
The group set out to explore whether or not climate change is taking place by taking ice measurements and core samples in the park and mapping fast-disappearing glaciers, but due to an unexpected volume of snow [in August 2012], they instead compared their observations to data collected in 2006.
Vast Reservoirs of Arctic Carbon Could Affect Global Warming | NBC Southern California
Determining whether that is actually happening is the mission for CARVE -- Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment, a five-year study now in its third summer.

Ask Miller now if any trends are apparent, and he demurs, wanting to wait for more data.

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Soylent Green said...

CO2 in the ice? I thought it was methane in the permafrost. These Thermageddon mongers need to get their lies straight.