Saturday, July 06, 2013

Leading scientist/PhD student: Maybe the oceans will boil more than a billion years from now

Watch out for the hot flushes (a few billion years away): Earth enters its mid-life crisis - News - The Independent
According to leading scientist Jack O’Malley-James, life on Earth will perish in more than a billion years when a warming sun boils oceans and forces out CO2, damning plants and subsequently animals..."Once you get to this tipping point [of evaporating oceans], you get a lot more water in the atmosphere and because water vapour is a greenhouse gas, that sets this runaway greenhouse effect,” the PhD student explained. “You end up with the Earth heating up to 100C or more plus what we experience today.”
Jack O'Malley-James // University of St Andrews
I began my academic life as a physicist, then became a pseudo-biologist, before finally settling into the astronomy deparment at the University of St Andrews to put the two skill sets together to the task of astrobiology. I am now in the third year of an STFC funded PhD project investigating biosignatures of diverse microbial life on extrasolar planets.

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