Saturday, July 06, 2013


Barrons: Obamacare F-up ought to make us think twice (or more) about Obama’s coal-to-gas switcheroo |
Perhaps this experience will cause the administration to be more circumspect and listen more closely to critics in regard to the great coal-to-gas switcheroo. Otherwise, I recommend cornering the market for flashlight batteries.
Twitter / Foxgoose: Message from Greenpeace/FOE/WWF ...
Message from Greenpeace/FOE/WWF to you smug bastards sitting by your BBQ with a G&T - don't you realise this is what #climate hell is like?
Why Less Summer Ice Increases Bear Populations | Watts Up With That?
Recent periods of more open water in the summer have undeniably benefitted the whole food chain.
The many scales of climate change, part 1: Tectonic timescales | The Contemplative Mammoth
Forget global warming for a moment: over the last 55 million years, the earth has been cooling. Antarctica was once lush and ice-free, and early crocodiles ambled beneath palm-like trees north of the Arctic circle.
...To cool the planet on tectonic timescales, you must either 1) add less CO2 to the atmosphere through time, or 2) take more of it out.  [Really?  No other options?]

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