Saturday, July 13, 2013


Polar Bear Alley – Guide to the Polar Bears of Churchill
The annual batch of ‘climate change is good news for shipping’ articles are floating around, tempered this year by everyone kind of admitting that insurance companies will never really go for an extended season. Breakup and freezeup are just too variable and, well, insurance companies are insurance companies. Shipping season really could start any day now… as usual, everyone is waiting for the mouth of Hudson Bay/Hudson Strait to open up – its almost always the last place.
The New Normal : Climate Models Say That Georgia May Get Wetter Or Drier Or Stay The Same | Real Science
“Our computer models don’t help us on this,” Stooksbury said. “That’s one of the frustrations. The computer long-term climate models for the Southeast are all over the place. Some have us wetter, some drier..."
Twitter / Foxgoose: IPCC Vice Chair revealed as ...
IPCC Vice Chair revealed as rabid activist Twitterer - so much for it being an apolitical organisation!
Twitter / aDissentient: @ChairmanAl @RichardTol ...
@ChairmanAl @RichardTol @JPvanYpersele @Revkin @ericschmidt @google @ClimateCentral Kills any suggestion that the IPCC is unbiased.
Twitter / aDissentient: @JPvanYpersele behaviour ...
@JPvanYpersele behaviour reminiscent of that of Climategate authors. @RichardTol @Revkin @ericschmidt @google @ClimateCentral

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