Saturday, July 13, 2013


Rudd cools on global warming. To cut the carbon tax | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Now for the fun in seeing all the Labor MPs and the Left embracing the destruction of what they once swore we needed. Pretending to be wise as they retreat from their stupidity.

But politically this is smart. It shows the advantage of Labor being led by a populist prepared to ditch anything for cheap votes.
Twitter / JPvanYpersele: .@EricSchmidt Are you OK with ...
. Are you OK with , your company, funding climate ?
Twitter / RichardTol: .@JPvanYpersele Is it OK for ...
. Is it OK for an IPCC vice-chair to take such a nakedly political stance?
How Cookies and Jello Help Explain Climate Change | Care2 Healthy Living
Children can understand that when the Earth heats up, the ingredients of the Earth change — polar icecaps melt and lakes dry up. Instead of getting a delicious plate full of cookies, you wind up with a damaged ecosystem.
URI's oceanography school gets $1M grant to lead national climate change education initiative
NARRAGANSETT, Rhode Island — The University of Rhode Island's oceanography school has been awarded a $1 million grant to lead a national climate change education initiative.

URI says the grant from the National Science Foundation will establish its Graduate School of Oceanography as the national hub for the Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance. The university will build a network of climate change experts in the public and private sectors to educate the public about the science of climate change and its implications.

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