Thursday, July 18, 2013


Quadrant Online - How to impress like Clive Hamilton
...In fact Dr Pachauri was awarded only one Ph.D., for combined study in industrial engineering and economics, he said.
I alerted the IPCC about its misleading claim that Pachauri earned two Ph.D’s but the IPCC has, 18 months later, still not got around to correcting it. Busy people, I guess.
Chinese wheat crop devastated by wet, cold | Ice Age Now
“China’s wheat crop has suffered more severely than previously thought from frost in the growing period and rain during the harvest,” the story continues.
Articles: Sunspots and the Great Cooling Ahead
More than anything, Obama's legacy may be that he was the fool who believed, or pretended to believe, that closing a few power plants would cool the planet just when the planet was already in the process of cooling. He is the one who looked in the rearview mirror and prepared for global warming just as he was about to crash head-on into the exact opposite.
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Air conditioning is madness

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