Thursday, July 18, 2013


Bjørn Lomborg Tells Guardian Readers: Fracking Is Good & Green
The world’s largest shale-gas field – underneath Lancashire and Yorkshire – could add £7bn a year to the UK economy and create thousands of jobs
Britain Scales Back Wind Power As Shale Revolution Shakes Green Energy Assumptions
Gas prices in Britain could halve after 2030 because of the global shale gas revolution, according to a report that is at odds with the latest government forecasts. The Government also appeared to scale back its offshore wind programme, which spooked the industry.
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.@chronsciguy @capitalweather A toasty 92F here in State College (rarely gets that warm here in the Happy Valley)
Most Marylanders see climate change harming health -
Only 34 percent of those asked nationwide said they believed climate change was already harming people in this country, according to the pollsters.
Climate change ranks eighth on the list of personal health risks that Marylanders are concerned about...The survey defined extreme weather in the following way: “By ‘extreme weather’ we mean unusually heavy rain, wind, snow storms, extreme heat and cold spells, and droughts.”...Obesity top cited major health risk [I guess CO2-induced starvation hasn't completely kicked in here yet]
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds Idaho droughts and fires were more common when CO2 was 'safe'
A paper published today in Quaternary Research reconstructs drought and fire activity in Idaho during the Holocene and finds droughts have been relatively less common and rainfall less variable over the past century in comparison to the past 1,900 years.

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