Monday, July 29, 2013


Twitter / BjornLomborg: Spain spending *more* on ...
Spain spending *more* on renewables than higher education. And postponing global warming just 62hrs. Not good.
Czechs vote to axe renewables support - Power Engineering International
The Czech Republic’s government has voted to end support for renewable power generation in a bid to reduce rising consumer electricity bills.

The law proposes to stop subsidies for new projects and goes in to effect from 2014.
Another View on Gas Drilling in the Context of Climate Change -
[Cornell warmist Louis Derry] The 800-pound climate gorilla has been, and remains, carbon dioxide.
Denier vs. Warmist: Who made the crazier statement about CO2? |
So compare Rohrbacher’s comment with the following September 2009 comment from Schneider:

There’s no such thing as a safe level [of CO2].
German Scientists: “Antarctic Shelf-Ice More Stable Than Thought…Potsdam Alarm Stories Becoming Obselete”

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