Monday, July 29, 2013


Understanding Why The Best Weather Is In The Arctic | Real Science
Climate experts explain that storms are caused by too much heat energy in the system. That is why the Arctic has very few storms, and why Hawaii has so many.
Uncertainty: lost in translation | Climate Etc.
So there is a positive feedback loop whereby overconfidence in statements about the consensus has become a self-fulfulling prophecy, at least in the short term. This is one reason why the ‘pause’ is so interesting, with recent observations not matching the expectations from climate model projections and some people projecting that pause could continue for several decades. How scientists react to this, and how partisans in the debate play this, will be interesting to watch. I suspect that there will be backlash against the overconfidence if the pause does continue.
Climate meme of moment: "runaway greenhouse."...
[Revkin] Climate meme of moment: "runaway greenhouse." Overheated coverage buries point made by researcher here: “There’s no evidence that human action could cause this."
Shocking Global Warming In 1790 | Real Science
Normally the Delaware River is frozen in Philadelphia in January, but in 1790 it was a better swimming hole than the one at the North Pole this week.
Obama Global Warming Famine Arrives | Real Science
Obama warned us that ideal weather and record harvests would happen – if we didn’t stop global warming.

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